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30 November - 6 December 2016: Mindfulness Immersed in Body - A Satipatthana Retreat at BUBS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

30/11/2016 13:56
30 November – 6 December 2016: Mindfulness Immersed in Body – A Satipatthana retreat at the Bandar Utama Buddhist Society (BUBS), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This retreat is suitable for experienced and beginning practitioners. BUBS is a lay society that propagates Theravada Buddhism, and it is situated...

10 – 19 March 2017: Satipatthana retreat at Blue Mountains Insight Meditation Centre (BMIMC), Medlow Bath NSW

28/11/2016 15:31
This retreat emphases the cultivation of a felt sense of continuity of awareness by tracking the elemental flow of experience that lies beneath our habitual concepts and reactions. It is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. BMIMC is a small and comfortable centre located in the...

Mal's Teaching Schedule

28/07/2016 16:58
WORKSHOP-URBAN RETREAT   Cultivating Mindfulness and the Heart Qualities Friday 16th September 2016. 7.00 - 8.30pm With Mal Huxter, Clinical Psychologist The Relaxation Centre Brisbane   Talk: Cultivating mindfulness, loving-kindness, compassion,...

Radha's 2016/2017 International Retreat and Teaching Schedule

20/03/2016 20:56
Please note that my journey to Israel and Palestine is now in June 2016. My overseas teaching has been postponed due to injury. The retreat at Wat Buddhagaya Bodhgaya at the kind invitation of the Lord Abbot is now in February 2017. Planning is underway and construction of the new rooms and halls...

Anna's Schedule 2016

06/03/2016 15:15
  Coast and City Sangha, Adelaide and Goolwa. South Australia. Mindfulness Days Mindfulness Day.  Date to be announced Mundoo Channel Drive, Hindmarsh Island 10:00-4:00pm   Retreats Recollective Awareness Autumn Retreat 18th -...

Carol's 2016 Schedule

16/02/2016 19:00
  RETREATS: Open Heart, Open Mind Retreat Strathbogie Ranges, Victoria 21st - 28th October 2016 Teachers:  Carol Perry & Subhana Barzaghi These retreats will be based on periods of sitting and walking meditation,...

2016 Schedule

04/02/2016 20:00
INSIGHT MEDITATION RETREATS & ZEN SESSHINS INSIGHT – VIPASSANA MEDITATION   An Inquiry Into Awakening - Insight Meditation Retreat 23rd -30th January 2016 Teachers: Subhana Barzaghi & Will James Venue: Sangsurya Retreat Centre Byron...

Patrick's 2016 Schedule

16/01/2016 10:24
Here you can download a pdf of Patrick's current schedule (last edited September 2016): 04_Patrick_Kearney_2016_schedule.pdf (175,3 kB).

Ellen's 2016 Schedule

22/12/2015 19:48
Weekly Meditation Groups Mondays: Zen Meditation 6:30pm-8:15pm Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, Lismore Heights Contact Rachel on akella74(at) or 0427778837   Wednesdays: Insight/Vipassana Meditation 7:00pm -8:45pm Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, Lismore Heights Contact: Rosie on...

A note on dana

08/10/2015 18:20
Patrick is a full time dharma teacher and lives on dana, or gift. In Buddhist tradition, the dharma is felt to be of such great value that it cannot be bought or sold. It is not a commodity. It can be received and transmitted only as gift. The dharma cannot be found in the economy of the market,...
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