Ellen Davison

Ellen's 2016 Schedule

22/12/2015 19:48

Weekly Meditation Groups

Mondays: Zen Meditation 6:30pm-8:15pm

Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, Lismore Heights

Contact Rachel on akella74(at)gmail.com or 0427778837


Wednesdays: Insight/Vipassana Meditation 7:00pm -8:45pm

Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, Lismore Heights

Contact: Rosie on 0402682925





The Path of Awakening

Friday March 18th to Monday March 22 2016

A three day Insight/Mindfulness retreat with Ellen Davison at Sangsurya, Byron Bay

Awakening is the essence of the Buddha’s teachings. This meditation retreat will inspire and lead participants to walk the path of liberation and freedom. This is a practice which cultivates mindfulness and insight leading to clarity, wisdom, and compassion. This retreat offers an ideal opportunity for established meditators to deepen their practice. Those new to meditation can experience a valuable but gentle introduction to silent meditation and the Dharma teachings in a welcoming supportive environment.

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Download Registration Form here (50kb MSWord.docx)

Contact: Sue on 02 66243505, email: cycad5@iprimus.com.au


Day of Mindfulness – Sunday 10th – 9:00am- 2pm

The day will be in silence with meditation instruction, sitting and walking meditation, morning tea, a Dharma talk, and individual interviews.

This Day of Mindfulness is suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators. Contact Sue on (02) 66243505


The Boundless Heart – Friday June 3rd – Wednesday June 8th

A five day Insight-Mindfulness Retreat with Subhana Barzaghi and Ellen Davison at Sangsurya, Byron Bay.

The Dharma teachings, practices of mindfulness, loving kindness and the spirit of inquiry cultivate insight into the true nature of the heart-mind, which is essentially free, intrinsically empty yet abundant and continuously responsive.

The retreat program consists of sitting, walking and guided meditations, meditation instruction, open inquiry sessions, Dharma talks and group and individual meetings with the teachers.

Contact: Jane on 0435066604, email: jjrstevens(at)yahoo.com

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 Freedom of the Heart– Friday August  19th – Thursday August 25th

A six day Insight/Vipassana Retreat with Ellen Davison and Radha Nicholson at Sangsurya, Byron Bay.

This Insight retreat consists of sitting and walking meditation, open Inquiry sessions, group and individual meetings with the teachers,

Dharma talks, a daily mindful work period, and three delicious vegetarian meals a day.

Contact: Jen (02) 66886366, email: cycad5@iprimus.com.au


December 11th - Morning of Mindfulness with Ellen Davison    

This Morning of Mindfulness will include meditation instructions, sitting and walking meditation, a Dharma talk and discussion, followed by a shared lunch.

Contact Sue: (02)6624 3505.





Autumn Sesshin -Friday May 13th to Sunday May 15th

A non-residential Zen Retreat from Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon.

Venue: The Bellingen Yoga Studio.

Sesshin includes zazen (Zen meditation, meditation instructions, sitting and walking meditation, a short period of chanting meditation, a daily period of stretching exercises, a Dharma talk and individual interviews with the teacher.

Contact Vince on (02)66550189, email: bellingenzengroup(at)gmail.com


Hazy Moon Spring Sesshin (retreat) Saturday September 24th - Thursday September 30th

Venue: Rising Pheonix Retreat, Mullumbimby. 

 This 6 day sesshin will allow and encourage participants to settle deeply into the silence and stillness of the practice and to explore the deeper questions and issues which often arise in the course of one’s life.

Contact: inahall(at)outlook.com

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Zazenkai (Day of Zen Practice)

Ellen conducts Zazenkai (Days of Zen Practice) in Bellingen on a regular basis.     

There will be a Zazenkai in Bellingen on Sunday February 28th, Sunday July 17th and Sunday November 20th . There will be a sesshin in May in Bellingen and in September in Mullumbimby in the Northern Rivers.

Contact Vince: 02 66550189, email: bellingenzengroup(at)gmail.com


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