Radha's 2017 Retreat and Teaching Schedule

13/01/2017 20:56

The retreat at Wat Buddhagaya Bodhgaya at the kind invitation of the Lord Abbot is now in February 2017.

Bay Insight Meditation Group

Bay Insight Meditation presents the teachings of the Buddha in the tradition of Insight Meditation (Vipassana).

Bay Insight Meditation is held each Tuesday from 7.30 - 9.00pm at Suffolk Park Hall, Alcorn Street, Suffolk Park.

The group leaders are Radha Nicholson and Ellen Davison who are both members of the Australian Insight Teacher Circle. Sessions are suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. Instruction will be provided to beginners.

The usual format is a silent meditation starting at 7.30pm, followed by a break for tea which will provide an opportunity to meet others interested in the Dharma. This will be followed by a talk or related dharma activity and finishing around 9.00pm.

You don't need to let anyone know that you are coming - just turn up. Please bring a cushion. All welcome.

The evening is supported by Dana (donation).


Meditation Retreats


India, Bodhgaya, Bihar

Thai Monastery Wat Buddhagaya

February 12th - 19th, 2017

"The Heart of Peace - The Buddhas Teachings of Liberation and Peace", a Silent Insight Meditation Retreat at the Thai Monastery, Bodhgaya, Bihar. This is a weeklong residential retreat at the Thai monastery, Wat Buddhagaya in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India in February 2017.

The Lord Abbot has kindly offered facilities and food for retreatants. This is a unique opportunity to do a silent meditation retreat in the new purpose built meditation centre just a few hundred metres from where the Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree 2600 year ago. The new meditation hall is partially underground to facilitate silent practice. Rooms have attached bathrooms.

Christine Thompson from Australia has kindly agreed to assist me.

Download flyer here (1.8MB pdf)

For Bookings, please email Tim Dawson: contact(at)radhanicholson.com



Download a printable version of Radha's 2016/17 teaching schedule here (130kb MSWord.docx)