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2016 Schedule

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An Inquiry Into Awakening - Insight Meditation Retreat
23rd -30th January 2016

Teachers: Subhana Barzaghi & Will James
Venue: Sangsurya Retreat Centre Byron Bay

Insight meditation allows us to see clearly the reactions and distortions that arise in our daily life.

It cultivates an awareness of the freedom and clarity that is available in each precious moment.

The Retreat follows the ‘Insight’ format of silence; sitting and walking meditation periods; dharma

talks; inquiry sessions; individual meetings with the teachers.

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Deepening Into Stillness - An Insight Meditation Retreat
22nd - 27th April 2016

Teacher: Subhana Barzaghi and Alan Bassal
Venue: Brahma Kumaris Centre for Spiritual Learning, Wilton NSW

The retreat will provide the opportunity to deepen into awakening presence, being free from the

agitations of the thinking mind. When we do experience presence and stillness, most of us are

quickly pulled back into the world of the mind which gets caught up in past and future thoughts.

Deepening into stillness allows us to examine and transform the habitual patterns of the mind that

creat confusion, anxiety and suffering. The retreat will support inquiry into what it means to be

fully awake, what takes us out of that state and how to remain more fundamentally present and

alive in our daily lives and relationships.

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The Boundless Heart – Friday June 3rd – Wednesday June 8th

A five day Insight-Mindfulness Retreat

with Subhana Barzaghi and Ellen Davison at Sangsurya, Byron Bay.

The Dharma teachings, practices of mindfulness, loving kindness and the spirit of inquiry cultivate 

insight into the true nature of the heart-mind, which is essentially free, intrinsically empty yet 

abundant and continuously responsive.

The retreat program consists of sitting, walking and guided meditations, meditation instruction, 

open inquiry sessions, Dharma talks and group and individual meetings with the teachers.

Contact: Jen (02) 66886366, email: cycad5(at)iprimus(dot)com(dot)au

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Meditation & Creativity Retreat with Joyce Kornblatt and Subhana Barzhagi

9th – 14th June at Sangsurya Byron Bay.

Teachers: Joyce Kornblatt and Subhana Barzhagi
Venue: Sangsurya Byron Bay.
Join us for five days in which we explore the ways that joy arises from both light-hearted and 
difficult circumstances as a celebration of our tender and resilient human heart. We’ll use the 
‘skillful means’  of - meditation, writing, mosaics and creativity—to invite joy to express itself 
in word and image, as  one of the ‘divine abodes’ on the Buddhist path.
Each day will begin with an early morning session of meditation. Joyce will lead a creative writing 
period midmorning and Subhana will lead an afternoon period devoted to mosaic tiling & creative 
expression. There will be time for personal creative work.
The evening session will include; meditation and an optional sharing circle.
For further information, please contact Melissa Greben email: melissagreben(at)
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Insight into the Heart of the Buddhas Teachings - Insight Meditation Retreat
21st -28th January 2017

Teachers: Subhana Barzaghi & Will James
Venue: Sangsurya Retreat Centre Byron Bay

Insight Meditation - known as Vipassana in the Theravada Buddhist tradition - engages in the

practice of ethics, mindfulness, depths of meditation, opening of the heart and wisdom teachings.

It reveals the freedom possible in this very life.

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For information please contact: Ali alibarlow(at) Ph. 0406016408

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This is a Tallowwood Sangha Event 



Zen Sesshin

Subhana's 2016 Zen programme is still being finalised.