Radha's 2019 Retreat and Teaching Schedule

29/03/2019 20:56

Retreat Bodhgaya Royal Thai Monastery 2019 February 22-March 1, 2019

An Insight Vipassana Retreat: An exploration of the Liberating Teachings of the Buddha with Radha Nicholson.

An opportunity to be part of the Royal Thai monastery for a silent meditation retreat. The teachings will include periods of walking, sitting, standing and reclining meditation practice using the Buddha’s instructions from the Anapanasati Sutta. There will be a daily instruction period, dhamma teachings and inquiry.

The retreat takes place just a few hundred metres from the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha sat on the night of his awakening.


Nurturing the Heart, Liberating the Mind

Retreat at Pauenhof near Dusseldorf Germany April 12-19, 2019

This silent Vipassana retreat will include in-depth instructions, guided meditations, daily dharma talks, open inquiry sessions, and one on one meetings with the teacher. It is suitable for both new and experienced meditators. The retreat will offer the opportunity to explore our minds and hearts in a caring and supportive environment. It invites us to relax into silence, reconnect with nature, and deeply explore the meditations to gain fresh insights.

We will begin with a walk through the nearby forest allowing the group to connect with each other before committing to silence. Each morning guided yoga and mindful movement sessions will be offered as a support for the meditation practice.


To make a booking please send an email to: meditation.retreat2019(at)gmail.com

In accordance with the Buddhist Tradition teachings will be freely offered on a Dana (donation) basis. Retreat costs for accommodation and three vegetarian meals a day range from 265 Euros for a six bed dorm to 385 Euros for a single room.


Taking Refuge in Freedom

Ein Dor Israel 21-27 April 2019

A weeklong silent insight meditation retreat with an emphasis on Natural Freedom and the Buddha’s instruction to incline the heart and mind to freedom and liberation.

There will be in depth instructions, dharma talks and periods of inquiry.

Bookings: www.tovana.org.il


Meditation and Inquiry

April 29th Jerusalem, Israel 2019

An evening of Meditation Practice and Inquiry into the nature of reality with an emphasis on the Buddha’s teachings of liberation and freedom. The evening will include some meditation practice, a short dharma talk and specific reflections to develop wisdom and insight.

Bookings: www.tovana.org.il


Love and Wisdom

May 1 Holocaust Memorial Day

An evening of practice where we acknowledge our capacity for the breadth of human emotions from profound sorrow to boundless joy and love. The emphasis will be on the wisdom teachings of the Buddha and our relationship to the three fields of time, past, present and future.

The evening will include Metta Practice, a Short Dharma Talk and some Inquiry.



Nurturing the Heart, Liberating the Mind

May 3-4

Tel aviv

Sangha House (Non-residential)

A two day non-residential retreat providing the opportunity to gently explore the heart and mind to gain fresh insights. The focus will be on direct experiential understanding of the liberating emptiness teachings of the Buddha.

There will be periods of silent sitting and walking meditation practice, short dharma talks and inquiry.

Bookings: www.tovana.org.il


Deep Inquiry: The Heart of Wisdom Teachings

Friday July 19th - Friday July 26th, Sangsurya Meditation Centre, Byron Bay

Teachers: Radha Nicholson and Will James

Explore the teachings of the Buddha in an exquisite natural setting.

A seven day silent insight meditation retreat with instructions to access the depths of meditation experience and bring fresh insights. The retreat will focus on the four postures of sitting, walking, standing and reclining meditations. There will be daily instructions, dharma talks and inquiries.

Suitable for beginning and experienced meditators.

Contact: tallowwoodsangha(at)gmail.com


Compassionate Heart, Wise Mind: The Buddha's Teachings on Wisdom and Compassion

Friday August 30th - Thursday September 5th

Teachers: Radha Nicholson and Ellen Davison

Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay

This Retreat is an opportunity to stop and enter the stillness and silence within that brings forth our innate wisdom, equanimity and connection with all of life.

This 6 day retreat will include periods of sitting and walking meditation, Inquiry, Dharma Talks, meditation instructions, guided meditations and interviews with the teachers.

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