Anna Markey

Anna's Schedule 2018

30/06/2018 20:24


Coast and City Sangha, Adelaide and Goolwa. South Australia.

Retreat Days

Mindfulness Day:  Date to be announced

Mundoo Channel Drive, Hindmarsh Island 10:00-4:00pm



for information ring Barb Kirke on 08 8555 0247 or email bkirke(at)

Autumn Retreat 16th - 18th March
With Anna Markey
Glenbarr Retreat Centre Strathalbyn.


This retreat will emphasise a gentle approach to meditation that supports an exploration

of your inner world. Ones understanding of the dharma unfolds from the inside to the outside.

This retreat is open to beginners as well as experienced meditators who would like to look more

deeply into the meditative process itself and bring more ease and acceptance into their sittings.


Dharma Facilitators Retreat

29th June - 1st July

Nunyara Conference Centre, Belair


Reflective Meditation Retreat

19th - 24th September

With Linda Modaro, Nelly Kaufer and Anna Markey

Glenbarr Retreat Centre. Strathalbyn

For many of us life is full: the needs of family and community are pressing, and concerns for the

world can feel overwhelming. How to maintain energy and motivation to care for the places and

people we love, and for ourselves?

The retreat offers an opportunity to not only look within your own heart, but also to reflect on

your life as part of the larger life of place, community, our planet. Of all times in the life of our

planet, it seems crucial now to live by the sober truth of our non-separation from each other and

from the world.

This retreat is intended to help you reconnect with what inspires and sustains you. 

In talks and discussions we will take up the theme of 'going to ground'.  

In a supportive environment, you can reflect, listen deeply, and unwind. We hope that you will

return home refreshed, perhaps with more understanding of yourself, your place in the world,

and what you have to offer the future.

For further information:

Ph: Barb Kirke on 08 8555 0247 or bkirke(at)


Dharma Talks

This years talks are on various aspects of the Middle Way Philosophy.

Topics to be determined by the interest of the groups and meditation experiences that have arisen.

At Goolwa Dharma Group. 12th Feb. 23rd April. 4th June. 13th August. 8th October. 3rd December.

At Ashtree Sangha  12th  Feb. 8th  April. 10th June,  13th August. 14th October. 9th December.


Dharma Theme Workshops

Pioneer Hall, Walker Pl. Middleton

and Hatha Yoga Shala. 172 Hutt St Adelaide.


Dates to be announced.



Goolwa Dharma Group
Meets every second Monday 10.00 - 12.00

Pioneer Hall. Walker Pl. Middleton

Meditation, discussion and dharma talks


Ashtree Sangha

Meets every 2nd Sunday of the month 3.00-5.00pm

Hatha Yoga Shala 172 Hutt St, Adelaide.

Meditation, discussion and dharma talks


RA Groups

Hills, Adelaide, Norwood, Goolwa 1, Goolwa 2



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