Ellen Davison

Ellen's 2021 Schedule

14/02/2021 14:40

Weekly Meditation Groups

Mondays: Zen Meditation 7:00pm-8:45pm

Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, Lismore Heights

Contact Rachel 0427 778 837


Wednesdays: Insight/Vipassana Meditation 7:00pm -8:45pm

Kuan Yin Meditation Centre, Lismore Heights

Contact: Rosie on 0402 682 925





Walking the Path of Wisdom & Awakening

Insight /Vipassana Meditation Retreat

March 12th - 18th 2021

Teacher: Ellen Davison assisted by Jen Ireland

Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay


This Retreat is an opportunity to stop and enter the stillness that brings forth our innate wisdom, equanimity and connection with all of life, particularly in difficult times.


This retreat will include meditation instructions on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and the Anapanasati Sutta: the body, feelings, mind and dharmas plus meditation periods of sitting and walking, Dharma talks, mindfulness work periods, individual and group interviews.


Download flyer here (170kb MSWord.docx)


Download Registration Form here (110kb MSWord.docx)


For further information and bookings email: vjwight(at)gmail.com


Saturday August 28th – Sunday August 29th

A 2 day non-residential Insight/Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Teachers: Ellen Davison and Matt Currie

Venue: Kuan Yin Meditation Centre


Contact: Rosie on 0402682925


Friday September 10th - Thursday September 16th

A 6 day silent Insight/Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Teachers: Ellen Davison and Radha Nicholson 

Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Bay


This retreat consists of sitting and walking meditation, open inquiry sessions, group and individual meetings with the teachers, an optional morning yoga period, Dharma talks, and guided meditations. 


Info at  www.insightmeditationaustralia.org   or www.dharma.org.au


Sunday December 5th, 9:00am – 1:15pm

Morning of Mindfulness with Ellen Davison 


This Morning of Mindfulness will include meditation instructions, sitting and walking meditation, a Dharma talk and interviews, followed by a shared lunch. Ellen emphasises the application of the teachings to everyday life.


Contact: Sue on 0477 880 185




Saturday March 27th - Sunday March 28th

A two day non-residential retreat of Zen Meditation

Teachers: Ellen Davison and Rachel Whiting

Venue: Kuan Yin Meditation Centre.


Inquiries:: Colin at nimbinensis(at)hotmail.com


Friday September 24th – Thursday September 30th

Hazy Moon Spring Sesshin (Zen Retreat) - A 6 day Zen Sesshin (Zen retreat)

Teachers: Ellen Davison and Rachel Whiting

Venue: Mullumbimby.                       


This 6 day sesshin will allow and encourage participants to settle deeply into the silence and stillness within and to explore the deeper questions and issues which often arise in the course of one’s life. Ellen is a Roshi in the Diamond Sangha lineage and has been leading sesshin in Australia for over 17 years.


For further information contact Colin on (02) 66891614 or email: nimbinensis(at)hotmail.com


Registration forms: www.kuanyinmeditationcentre.org.au


Download a printable version of Ellen's 2021 Retreat Schedule here (100kb PDF)

Freedom of the Heart - A 6 day silent Meditation Retreat
August: Friday 19th - Thursday 25th
Teachers: Ellen Davison and Radha Nicholson
Venue: Sangsurya, Byron Ba